Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cheney Senate Bid Looks Like an Uphill Battle

Public Policy Polling reports:
PPP's new Wyoming poll finds that most voters in the state see Liz Cheney as an outsider...and as a result she starts out at a significant deficit in a primary contest with Mike Enzi.

Overall only 31% of Wyoming voters consider Cheney to be a 'Wyomingite' to 50% who do not. By a 50/28 margin they think it would be more appropriate for Cheney to run for the Senate from Virginia than Wyoming. Even Republican primary voters share, by a 45/33 spread, the sentiment that Cheney should be running in Virginia instead of Wyoming.

Cheney starts out at a 54/26 disadvantage in her primary challenge to Enzi. She only has a narrowly positive favorability rating with GOP primary voters at 40/34, while Enzi is quite popular with a 66/24 approval rating. The two actually are pretty close among voters describing themselves as 'very conservative,' with Enzi leading just 43/37. But his 68/14 advantage with moderate Republicans and 52/26 edge with 'somewhat conservative' ones make it uncompetitive overall[...]Even if by some chance Enzi decided to retire, Cheney would be far from the favorite in an open seat Senate contest. Congresswoman Cynthia Lummis, who has a 55/25 approval rating with Republican primary voters, would start out leading her 41/34.

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