Friday, July 5, 2013

CNBC Anchor Joe Kernen Climate Science a “Bona Fide Cult”

This morning, CNBC's Joe Kernen, on the network's show “Squawk Box," attacked “enviro-socialists”  and said climate science  "is a bona fide cult.”

Cult it may be, but the key is that it is just a subset of the pathological altrusist crowd, led by crony bad actors,who expect to cash in big time by diverting huge amounts of government $$$$s into their pockets.


  1. I decided to listen to your interview with Prof. Oakley when I noted she was from Oakland U in north Oakland County. So I played it on my iPod while while riding my 10 speed through the woods in north Oakland County last Sunday.

    I would add that Keynesians too clearly suffer from Pathological Altruism. Neither facts nor logic can dissuade them from their anointed task of fixing the appropriate level of "aggregate demand" upon a society too dumb to live without the help of these anointed Keynesians.

  2. Even the cultists are starting to abandon the "hockey stick"

    This also goes to show that intelligent guys in the blog-sphere can make a huge difference. Mathematics does not belong to the elite.

  3. I would say it's ultimately led by the oligarchs, who see it as a weapon to further hobble the middle class.