Saturday, July 6, 2013

Happy July Police State

(Via Mark Perry>


  1. Saw this on Twitter and the guy that tweeted it said, "Happy Independence Day, celebrate your freedom by standing in one spot and not doing anything."

    Do you know what park this is from?

    The sad part is that no.3 probably doesn't really surprise anybody anymore.

  2. I appreciate the sentiment, but this looks like a photo-shopped scam photo. Any clever person can set up such a poster in front of a park. I see these kinds of photos from time to time. There is never any source given. I wouldn't post such a photo unless you are sure of its authenticity.

  3. Every cooler was checked before the Indy 500, causing many people to miss the start of the race. Imagine a cooler bomb holder thinking, gee I hope they don't see my bomb when they check my cooler. The people have demanded more cooler checkers next year, so everyone will get to see the start of the race.