Sunday, July 7, 2013

I Wanted to Talk to the President, But Settled for an Autographed Picture of Amy Carter

By James Altucher

I put in a call to The White House. 202-456-1414. I asked for the President’s office. The operator patched me through to a secretary. I asked her if I could interview the President. My dad was taking me to Washington DC for my 12th birthday and I wanted to stop by.

The secretary was very kind. She said the President was busy with [I forget if it was the coal miner's strike or the Iranian hostage crisis] and wouldn’t be able to meet. So I asked for a signed photo of Amy Carter. Which was sent to me.

I then called back The White House. I asked for Rex Scouten. He was Chief Usher of the White House and had worked in The White House since the Truman years. I saw his name in “The World Almanac and Book of Facts”. He got on the phone. I asked him if I could interview him.

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