Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Jack Hunter Issues an 'I Hope This Will Save My Job' Statement

On the heels of a hit piece designed to put pressure on Rand Paul to fire Jack Hunter, Hunter has issued the following statement:
Today’s article that brought my not-very-hidden radio pundit background to light does not accurately reflect me or my full, or true, views.

The role of a radio host is different from that of a political operative. In radio, sometimes you’re encouraged to be provocative and inflammatory. I’ve been guilty of both, and am embarrassed by some of the comments I made precisely because they do not represent me today. I was embarrassed by some of them even then.

I am also no longer a guy who judges beer drinking contests in a wrestling mask. Things change. We all hopefully grow up.

I abhor racism and have always treated everyone I’ve met with dignity and respect as individuals. This was true in the past and it is true now.

The controversial comments are also but a fraction of my decade of writing and talking about conservative, Tea Party and libertarian causes.

I have also written columns over the years promoting African-American history and politics, and many other writings that tell a far different story than what the headlines portray today. Not surprisingly, the reporter chose not to balance her piece by citing any of those columns.


There is nowhere near enough in your statement to make the neocons happy. You would have had to have called, in your statement, for immediate troops on the ground in Syria, a nuclear strike on Iran and a drone strike on Edward Snowden, for them to even consider you as a possible  luggage carrying aide to Rand.

It's over. Rand wants to be president and they are going to bloody him, with his association with you, until you are set adrift. At this point, they will judge Rand merely on how quickly it takes him to cut you loose.


  1. I've met Jack. He seemed like a good guy and I always enjoyed his Southern Avenger videos.

    Towards the end of RP's campaign he seemed to go a little Jesse Benton though. Maybe that's why you don't get into politics in the first place. So you don't have to compromise to people like Jennifer Rubin and Mitch McConnell because you're worried about a career.

  2. David Weigel says "Rand Paul Won't Get Rid of His Neo-Confederate Co-Author"


    Salon implies that we're all White Supremacists.


    I think that the "progressives" are racists. They created the conditions that exist in Detroit simply because they hate black people and want them to live in perpetual poverty. The bestowed Democratic Socialism upon Africa because they hate black people and want them to live in perpetual poverty.

  3. The difference between the press and prostitutes is that prostitutes have no delusion about what they actually do.

  4. Maybe Rand knew Hunter would be considered a "weirdo" (for daring to tell the truth) and hired him on purpose to make Rand look normal or to have someone to blame if he said the "wrong" thing.

    "I apologize for saying Lincoln was a brutal treasonous racist banker shill money printer. My adviser Jack Hunter made me say that. He's fired btw."