Friday, July 12, 2013

League of South Prez: Rand Paul Aide is Doing the "Trent Lott Crawl"

I have never quite seen anything like this before. Rand Paul and aide Jack Hunter have managed to simultaneously infuriate parts of the south and Israeli supporters,

Dr Michael Hill, president of the League of the South, during an interview yesterday on the Southern Nationalist Network spoke about comments made earlier this week by Rand Paul aide Jack Hunter, who has disavowed many of his early writings and commentary about the South.

Hill said Hunter was doing the "Trent Lott crawl," to keep in the good graces of the establishment  and speculated that Hunter might really still hold his old beliefs and was doing the crawl "just to keep his job." He said he had wished that Hunter would be more of a man about his true beliefs.

Hill then went on to discuss Rand and his recent comments in praise of Abraham Lincoln and against secession. Hill called Rand a disappointment and said he was just "one of the pack."

Hill also said that he found a lot of things he liked about Ron Paul, but was not a supporter, since Ron, despite now living in Texas, is originally from Pittsburgh.

But it is not only parts of the South that are upset with Rand. The Washington Free Beacon reports on the upset Rand comments defending Hunter, and Hunter comments, have caused on the Israeli front:
Sen. Rand Paul (R., Ky.) defended embattled aide Jack Hunter, whose past as a prominent pro-Confederate radio pundit was first reported by the Washington Free Beacon on Tuesday, even as the controversy threatened to unravel his recent outreach to the pro-Israel community.[...]

Hunter’s comments, in particular his suggestion that Paul’s pro-Israel remarks have been “little rhetorical concession[s]” and part of “play[ing] the game,” have reignited concerns that Paul’s occasional pro-Israel statements have not been genuine.

“I think it’s important for Rand Paul to make it clear that when Hunter made those statements he doesn’t speak for Rand Paul, and everything he said about Israel he will adhere to,” said Mort Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA).[...]

Hunter renounced most of his controversial positions in an interview with the Free Beacon on Monday, but declined to say directly that he no longer supports secession.

Klein said he could not accept an apology from Hunter.

“If someone has made numerous horrific statements, or ones that go way beyond the pale, applauding the assassination of Lincoln, one has to assume that’s who the person is and apologies made under political heat are not credible,” Klein said.

“I don’t accept Obama’s excuses for his friendships with haters, I don’t accept [Chuck] Hagel’s or [Samantha] Power’s apologies for their statements,” Klein added. “So I personally could not accept [Jack] Hunter now apologizing and dismissing these statements. He’s made too many and he’s made too many that are beyond the pale.”


  1. The neocons are not messing around here.

    Rand must kiss the ring of the Great Dictator, dump hunter and pay homage to the cult of Lincoln.

  2. This is what you get from a politician who actually wants to run and win the race for President. The media is essentially demanding that all of us worship Lincoln and denounce the south. That is mind control! That we must have a certain political view of the Civil War, or we are racists- period. Ron Paul would never have apologized for what he understood as the truth. He was even brave enough to go on national tv and state that the US should have stayed out of WWII!