Friday, July 12, 2013

This Is How You Campaign for the Fed Chairmanship Position

Via Business Insider:
Summers is said by those who know him to be in no way campaigning for the job, despite a recent flurry of stories about his potential nomination. His office said he was golfing with no access to a cellphone when POLITICO tried to reach him on Tuesday. People close to Summers say he has settled into his current teaching role at Harvard and is not especially eager to move back to Washington full time. 
But others say if Obama asks, Summers would certainly agree to serve.


  1. and I guess Larry is pulling out all the stops so Barry remembers to ask him.

  2. Oh so believable...

  3. Summers is like a tornado. He touches down, destroys everything in his path, and then disappears. His track record is atrocious. The thought of this crook setting Fed policy is downright scary.