Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Neocon Bolton Hails Egyptian Military Coup

There is not a half way decent person vying for power in Egypt, but you know the military coup is a real bad option when neocon John Bolton steps forward to endorse it by using neocon logic.

NR reports:
Speaking by telephone on Fox News’ The Five, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton praised the Egyptian military as “the greatest force for stability in Egypt” and declared that “we needed the military to stop the Muslim Brotherhood, and I think this coup was the right thing.”[...]There’s a fine, fine irony here in ousting Egypt’s first elected president, but it was because he was on the way to, as the saying goes, “One person, one vote, one time,” and that had to be stopped.
He then went on to say, there likely won't be any of the stability he claimed the military takeover brought:
This is a long way from being over; and while, as I just said, I support the military’s action here, I think there’s every prospect that this could get a lot more tumultuous and even bloody before it’s over. 
 As Lew Rockwell put it:, even before Bolton came out with his insane contradictory statement:
I hold no brief for the US-puppet democrat Morsi, no more than I did for the US-puppet dictator Mubarak, let alone for the US-puppet Egyptian military, but this is not a pleasant sight. And we can be sure it's organized by the National Endowment for Democracy and its puppet NGOs.


  1. From what I have been seeing, the protests have been absolutely gigantic, dwarfing the anti-Mubarak protests. There could easily be deception and exaggeration regarding the size, but even if half of the 15-20 million we heard about is accurate that would be astonishing. If the NED could pull off such numbers then there is simply no stopping them.

    Also, Morsi seemed even more compliant with US/Israeli wishes than Mubarak was. If despite this the US STILL decided to act against him, it should send a message to every would be puppet: Do not cooperate with the west. They will turn on you at their whim.

    Most likely, massive numbers of protesters made the country ungovernable. The army counted heads and decided to back the larger numbers.


  2. Also, Bolton being happy doesn't mean that Much. Assad and Hezbollah are also quite happy that Morsi is done, and for good reason. Morsi was merrily playing his part in the western divide and conquer Sunni-Shia sectarian strategy. His fall will likely be a huge blow to the morale of the Anti-Syrian, NATO backed mercenaries.