Monday, July 15, 2013

Now Available for You to Buy: America's Most Expensive Home, $190 Million

The Greenwich, CT house has 12  bedrooms and comes with 50 acre of grounds. The house is currently owned by timber industrialist John Rudey, reports the UK's MailOnline.

The estate once belonged to Harriet Lauder Greenway, whose father went into business with steel magnate Andrew Carnegie.

The three story property was built in 1896 and still has speaking tubes from pre-electricity days and sleeping porches used to cool off before the invention of air conditioning as well as an elaborate solarium.

There is 15,000 feet of living space.


  1. Nice to see it has a backyard pool, 'cause the retard that buys this one is gonna be taking a bath...

  2. Nice shack, although it's not Hearst Castle! :-)