Monday, July 15, 2013

Krugman: I Am a Paid Shill for Eliot Spitzer

Paul Krugman writes in a blog post:
I was on the Upper West Side yesterday, and you had to walk carefully to avoid the teeming masses of people trying to get you to sign up to get Eliot Spitzer on the ballot for comptroller. And it looks as if the effort succeeded.

So, is this absurd? I don’t think so.

Full disclosure: I happen to know and like Spitzer personally; also, at least some of the talks I’ve given at the 92nd Street Y were sponsored by the Spitzer family. So you can discount what I’m about to say appropriately.


  1. I discount everything the man says, because he's either shilling for the state or making ridiculous economic predictions based on an absurd economic philosophy.

    Any school of thought that views prosperity and rising standards of living on counterfeiting and mountains of unpayable debt is a sham.

  2. I'm fairly certain I could "discount what he's about to say" even without this information.

    1. Or in "economic terms", the future value of Krugman's present comments is zero...
      [Actually, the present value of Krugman's comment is zero as well, but you already know that.]

      Or as the wise economic sage Billy Preston wrote, "Nothin' from nothin' leaves nothin' " (Yes indeed!)

      [It would appear Mr. Preston is far more qualified for a Noble...]

  3. Interesting. In an attempt to be facetious, Krugman believes we get the joke. Obviously he is now so far removed from reality that he does not realize the joke is on him.

    From his mouth to God's ears...