Thursday, July 25, 2013

Spitzer's New Campaign Ad Positively Bizarre

Eliot Spitzer, who is running for NYC comptroller, is out with a new campaign ad. The ad alludes to his days as NY sate attorney general, where the egomaniac considered himself the "enforcer on Wall Street." He would shake down Wall Street firms both good and bad. If they refused to play ball with him and plead to some charge, he would take them to court. He always lost in court. Mind you, he never went after the real crony corporate/government relationships.

That Spitzer is alluding to this in a NYC comptroller campaign is positively bizarre. The role of comptroller is not to be an enforcer on Wall Street, but to see to it that the city's funds are managed properly, including pension funds. That's about finding money managers who are competent and skilled at picking good stocks. It is not about owning bad stocks so that Spitzer can raise hell  against publicly traded companies that will result in even more headlines for Spitzer.

From a libertarian perspective, the entire idea of such a massive amount of funds being taken from the citizens of NYC is a horror, but to see that Spitzer seems to want to use these funds to harass Wall Street is horror squared. He should go back to screwing his hookers and not attempt to screw the people of NYC.

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