Thursday, July 25, 2013

Unusual Cremation Not Limited to Michael Hastings

Last week, I reported that Michael Hastings, who died in a fiery car crash, was cremated without the permission of the family. Indeed, an eyewitness to the crash says that Hasting's body was not burnt below the shoulders, which raises even more question as to why the body was cremated.

Something of the same sort of cremation occurred in a mysterious shoot down of a  helicopter in Afghanistan that resulted in the deaths of 30 Americans, including Seal Team 6 members that took part in the raid on Osama Bin Laden's residence.

Infowars reports:
The Pentagon told the families that all the bodies were cremated due to the fact that they were badly burned in the crash. However, pictures have emerged that show some deceased SEALs without bad burns.

“The body I saw didn’t need to be cremated,” said Rep. Chaffetz, [who is investigating the shoot down in his role as chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee on National Security].
The Pentagon  also claims that, despite recovering all the bodies of those killed, the helicopter’s black box was washed away in a flash flood. According to Infowars, Chaffetz, said that the DoD’s explanation regarding the helicopter’s black box is “awfully odd.”


  1. I listened to a podcast a while back on lew rockwell, and he interviewed the brother of a guy who fit the description of the okc bomber suspect early on after the bombing. Basically the FBI had the wrong guy, tortured him, and killed him, and then tried to cover up the mistake. They tried to cremate him several times but after a long, long battle, the brother was somehow able to stop them, and ultimately get the body back and it was obvious the guy had been beaten to death, even though the official story was that he committed suicide. Anyway, sounds like standard procedure for our great protectors.

  2. Just tiding up the loose ends "mafia" style. No witnesses - no crime.
    Human life has no value...

  3. When it's important you have to lie...