Monday, July 29, 2013

State Battles vs. Private Battles

By, Chris Rossini

If you want to see humanity at its worst, look to the battles that occur to control The State. The most prominent battles are taking place in Syria & Egypt; but they're mainly just rhymes of every similar episode that has occurred throughout mankind's history.

What's it all for?

To control The State...the great weapon that one group of people can use against its neighbors and enemies; that legal use of force to get you (and your friends) what you want the easy way, instead of the voluntary and moral way.

So powerful is this lust to control The State that, in Syria alone, 100,000+ have died in just the last several years.

Imagine if the rest of life's battles were conducted in the same manner....

  • We don't worry about chemical weapons being used when two people get divorced...
  • We don't worry about car bombs going off when one person gets that VP position and corner office over another...
  • We don't worry about weapons transfers going to Apple in its battle against Google to satisfy the most customers...
  • We don't worry about mass protests and rioting if McDonald's decides to remove the McRib from the menu...
  • We don't worry about suicide bombings if someone is fired from a job they've held for 25 years.
  • We don't worry about nuclear war when a company that has been business for over 100 years has been outsmarted by competitors and forced into bankruptcy.
We're so very lucky that private society gives us a refuge from the literal madness that surrounds The State's existence.

Now, do people do horrible & rotten things to others in private life? Of course!

Does violence occur? Of course!

Do people die? Of course!

But nothing that happens in private society can even minutely compare to the death and destruction that comes from the lust for power, and then actually exercising that power. Just in the 1900's alone, governments wiped out hundreds of millions of people. And they're still going...

Maybe someday the idea will catch on that: "Hey...look at governments & look at the rest of us....Maybe some changes are in order."

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  1. Chris I know u are going to give me a yea but I cover that for saying this, but here goes.

    Suicide bombing for being fired from a job after 25 years. No, but often times they grab a gun and kill quite a few folks. Maybe not as many as a suicide bomb, but it can be pretty close depending on the workplace.