Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Banksters Start to Reward Tim 'Turbo Tax' Geithner....

...for all his crony bailout work while at the Treasury.

Deutsche Bank recently paid Geithner $200,000 for a speech. FT reports that since leaving the Treasury, he has been paid in total approximately $400,000 for three speeches.

In June alongside Nicolas Sarkozy, France’s ex-president, and Mario Monti, Italy’s former prime minister, at Deutsche Bank’s annual conference in the UK, says FT. Geithner gave a speech before taking questions from Peter Hooper, the bank’s chief economist who has invited him to participate in a “few client events this year”, the bank said.

Geithner was also the main attraction at Blackstone’s annual meeting in April, and the following month appeared at Warburg Pincus’s annual meeting.


  1. It's the PEU reward for compliant servants. Blackstone, Warburg, even Carlyle Group employs a Sarkozy. Where will Geithner land?

  2. You'd have to pay me $200K to listen to Turbo Timmy's speeches. What a putz.