Tuesday, July 30, 2013

They Are Not Playing with Adam Kokesh

As I reported yesterday, Adam Kokesh has been denied bail by a Superior Court judge in Washington D.C..

But check this report out from an Adam vs The Man press release:
 As Adam was brought in front of the judge in an orange prison jumpsuit and shackles, Adam’s attorney, Peter Cooper, immediately asked why the Federal Marshals had confiscated Adam’s notes before the case. The judge replied that Mr. Cooper could “buy the transcripts, if he wished”. 
They are not giving Kokesh an inch.

Also of note, there may be an informant in the Kokesh camp. Also from the AvM press release:
The tone throughout the hearing was terse, and the prosecuting attorney repeatedly objected to each question that Adam’s lawyer posed, citing ‘discovery’ as the reason why any question whatsoever would be absolutely invalid. It seems as if the court has at least one confidential informant that will see the stand as the case progresses.  


  1. He is being made an example of to frighten the whole Ron Paul crowd and liberty movement.


  2. I agree that they are doing this to intimidate the Liberty movement. It's not going to work, though; in fact, it's more likely to continue pissing people off and making others realize just how completely illegal and out-of-control the entire "government" really is.

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    2. The system wants us to get angry. Don't take the bait. A positive solution-based movement will rise. The Liberty movement will shift in this direction. www.unitedwestandfest.com

  3. The prosecution will need a witness to the video being shot in D.C. -- it would not be surprising if they have gotten to somebody in the Kokesh entourage (e.g., the camera person) by threatening to bring accessory charges of some kind, in exchange for eyewitness testimony of Kokesh actually being in D.C when the video was made.

    If such hypothetical witness would refuse to testify it would be very difficult for the prosecution to make any kind of case against Kokesh. Unfortunately, refusing to cooperate with the overlords takes courage that not everybody has when it matters.

    The politically motivated prosecution is an outrageous travesty of justice. That said, Kokesh's angry video or imprisonment are unlikely to win many converts to his anarcho-capitalist views, and may well hurt his cause. Check out the comments on a MSM site reporting on this story, if you doubt. About 90% of comments label Kokesh a dangerous nut.

    No establishment power will tolerate open rebellion so long as it has the power to stop it. No surprise there. Very few or none of the liberty/Ron Paul crowd are all that interested in open rebellion against D.C.'s unconstitutional gun laws -- so imprisoning Kokesh will frighten no one except those very few if any who would emulate him.