Saturday, July 13, 2013

This Week in TSA Drama

Baghdad TSA Bob reports in:

A belt buckle knife was discovered after a passenger walked through the metal detector at Fort Lauderdale (FLL).

A one-inch blade was detected concealed within a shoe at Spokane (GEG).

A passenger at Lubbock (LBB) approached checked baggage screening, dropped off his bag and stated, “There are two pounds of C-4 in there, be careful...” He later stated it was an “off-handed comment.” His off-handed comment resulted in his arrest and the closure of the terminal for over two hours while the bomb squad ensured the airport was safe for travel.

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  1. In a follow-up press release addressing the TSA's discovery of a belt buckle knife and a one-inch blade concealed within a shoe, the TSA stated that they are still investigating exactly how the belt and the shoe got the knives in the first place.

    "It just doesn't seem possible that a buckle and shoe could procure such items, but somehow they managed to circumvent the required background checks. The buckle and shoe have been rendered to and undisclosed location for "liquid interrogation", and while the buckle has rusted, the shoe is shrinking and showing signs of rot. We hope to see congress introduce new "assault knife" legislation to ban these weapons of mass destruction and protect the public."

    The passenger at Lubbock (LBB) that dropped off his bag and stated, “There are two pounds of C-4 in there, was taken to a remote location and detonated - the C-4 was able to make the flight...

    TSA - We invented the "small bus"