Saturday, July 20, 2013

This Week in TSA Drama

Baghdad TSA Bob reports in:

– A gag retirement gift designed to look like an improvised explosive device didn’t look like a gag to the TSA Officer who spotted it on the X-ray at St. Petersburg / Clearwater (PIE). With its metal box and wires strewn about, it looked like it could be the real deal.

-Four inert/replica/novelty grenades were discovered this week. Two were in carry-on bags at Las Vegas (LAS), and the others were discovered in checked baggage at Seattle (SEA), and San Jose (SJC).

-An empty M60 igniter was discovered on a key ring at Richmond (RIC)

-A three-inch pocketknife was discovered concealed in a passenger’s bra at Honolulu (HNL) after she went through the metal detector.

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