Sunday, July 21, 2013

Update on Adam Kokesh's Jail Status

What kind of following does Kokesh have that he can't raise $5,000? Here is part of the latest press release issued by Adam vs The Man employees:
The ADAM VS THE MAN team attended a second bond hearing for Adam Kokesh this morning at 9AM. He remains a political prisoner at the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center where he is being held because of charges that were filed after the police raided his Herndon residence on July 9, 2013. Adam’s initial bond hearing was Monday, and he was granted cash bond at $5,000- meaning that he would have to pay the bond in full and in cash in order to be released. Adam chose to appeal Monday’s decision. The public defender argued that Adam is not a flight risk, has no indication of being a threat to the community, and has a history of appearing at his court summons on time, every time. A guard was quoted by the public defender noting that Adam was “a pleasant person” and the detention center staff have had “no problems” with him. The public defender also noted that no illegal weapons were found inside the residence, and Adam is denying possession of any illicit substances that were purportedly obtained during the search.

The judge denied Adam’s request for personal recognizance, and provided Adam two options for his release, both contingent on the payment of the $5000 cash bond. The Virginia State Police feel that Adam is a flight risk,and set additional conditions for his release, both of which would be supervised. Firstly, two lieutenants and a deputy of the Virginia State Police and the Fairfax County Police would be required to be notified of Adam’s release. Secondly, Adam would not be allowed to possess a firearm or be in contact with those who own firearms. These conditions are worse than those granted to a convicted felon. The other option that the judge offered was to allow Adam to stay in a local homeless shelter, if the requirements specific to firearms could not be met.

It should also be noted that the affidavit that allowed Raymond Morrogh to pull the warrant for the Virginia State Police is still sealed at this time. The judge has not yet seen the affidavit.

On the afternoon of July 18, 2013 Adam was served with an additional warrant in the District of Columbia, regarding the alleged firearms violations stemming from his July 4th YouTube video, as well as a retainer issued by Fairfax County. Adam cannot move forward on the Federal charges unless he is released or posts bond. Since he was denied personal recognizance today, his only available options are to pay the $5000 cash bond, or remain a political prisoner until at least October 2nd, provided that lab results on suspected drugs supposedly obtained in the search have been released. The public defender made it clear in court today that it is unlikely that the tests will be completed by October 2nd.

This is a clear violation of a peaceful activist’s right to a fair and speedy trial, for the sole purpose of feeding the local authorities and US Parks Police’s vendetta against him. The government overreach present in this case has been highly specious, and serves as a prime example of the repeated attacks on the civil liberties of all who stand to challenge its monolithic oppressive force.

Now is the time for all free, beautiful and independent individuals to come together to support the plight of an inspiring independent journalist, and to stand together in solidarity to make it clear that the public will not stand for this gross violation of natural rights. In order to obtain appropriate counsel for this landmark case, Adam needs to raise $10,000 or more in addition to the $5,000 cash bond. He needs to do this in order to move forward in the legal quagmire that the US Parks Police has established in coalition with local, state and federal authorities of the Commonwealth of Virginia.


  1. Cant fight the state on an individual or group level. Only govt can fight govt. Work on getting libertarians elected to all local and state elected offices. They will nullify all unconstitutional federal laws and make gold legal tender again. This is the only way.

    1. How naive! Elections? LOL!

    2. Ron Paul won 5 states. Libertarians control the parties there. It can be done. Dont be a quitter.

    3. "Dont be a quitter.", says the man from Jakarta.


      Maybe you missed the part where the GOP still froze out Ron Paul from speaking and maneuvered the delegates to have minimal impact on the convention.

      Further though, the delegates that supported Ron Paul don't reflect the general wishes of Boobus...not even close sadly...the wins weren't based on the vote of the "people"...they were mostly orchestrated via political maneuvering by RP people.

      In fact, you referenced plurality...and when the number of candidates are diluting the Boobus vote then, yes...there's a chance. But once the diluters drop out you are still talking about 10% at best of the population that listens to, understands, agrees and then would vote for RP.

      It saddens me, but it is what it is...maybe in 5, 10, or 20 years more people will come around via education...but until then it is a lot of wasted energy unless the candidate running is simply trying to "get the word out".

      Rand is not the guy I want doing that personally...but if you want to run around pretending like there's a chance to "work within the system" despite all the evidence contrary then so be it.

      To think you are going to beat the gov't Mafia at its own game from the inside has been shown to be a ridiculous notion, especially without consent from the mob.

  2. They can't test what it is they "found" in three months? That is unreasonable. I don't know what method they would use, but even if they did a DNA test, it wouldn't take that long.

    I hope Adam has good lawyers. Even so, I bet he will lose and have to appeal which may or may not help him. Just my experience with the injustice system: You are guilty until proven innocent, and whatever lies the police tell, the judge believes (or pretends to believe).

  3. At least they haven't burnt off his head. Yet.

  4. Thank you for letting me know so that I could donate. I don't agree with everything Adam does (in some ways he detracts from the cause, although he certainly appeals to a certain crowd), but his principles seem pretty sound. And he walks his talk.

  5. Wenzel, youre a millionaire, why dont you help.