Monday, July 22, 2013

What Happens to Jack Hunter Now that Rand Paul and Jesse Benton Have No Use for Him?

Jack Hunter was tempted by being close to power. He set Jesse Benton as his role model, rather than Ron Paul, now what?

A source within the Paul world emails:
Note what happens when you click here:

I don't see what Hunter does now. He ran away from his views, made fun of Ron Paul supporters for not being respectable, ran interference for Rand with libertarians over the Romney endorsement and much else, and now---what? What does he have to fall back on? His former newspaper can't stand him, and apart from that he was a fill-in radio host.

He won't be working with Mike Lee or Jim DeMint again, you can be sure of that. His former friends will run away from him, so toxic is he now. His former former friends might have rallied to him, but he lost those when he abandoned his past views that had become inconvenient.

He tasted power and loved every morsel. Now he's been dropped the same way he tried to drop the nonrespectable Paulians. Rarely do we see someone rise and then fall so fast.

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