Monday, July 1, 2013

Why the Multicultural Marxists in the Media Want To Destroy Paula Deen

By Thomas DiLorenzo

Celebrity chef Paula Deen has lost tens of millions of dollars for having admitted in a deposition to uttering the "N-word" some thirty years ago at a black thief who was holding a gun to her head in her restaurant at the time.  She is also accused in a lawsuit of discriminating against black employees, although hundreds of her black employees still go to work every day, and hordes of black customers showed up at her restaurant to support her last week according to boob tube images.  No one knows if the lawsuit is a Jesse Jackson-style shakedown or a legitimate discrimination lawsuit.

In fine Duke Lacrosse Team fashion the media immediately condemned Paula Deen as a Public Enemy in the harshest of terms, forcing several large corporations to cancel their contracts with her.  An accusation of racism by one single person is enough for them.

The reason for this, which we've all seen many times before, is that the multicultural Marxists who dominate the universities, the media, and much of the government, are paternalistic racists who believe that black people can never, ever, make it on their own without special help from them.  But here' s the catch:  all of the government programs that have been enacted to supposedly help "the poor and minorities" have been calamitous failures.  The welfare state has all but destroyed the black family in the inner cities and destroyed the work ethic for millions of Americans of all races.  The government school monopoly has destroyed the opportunities of more black children than if it had been run all these years by the KKK, as Walter E. Williams has said.  The war on drugs has imprisoned millions of young black men for non-violent crimes, and has also been the main source of black-on-black murder via drug gang shootouts.  "Urban renewal" has destroyed minority neighborhoods everywhere and replaced them with public housing hellholes.  After destroying their families and their educational opportunity, the state then entices thousands of young black men and women to join the military where many thousands of them die or get maimed for life in the state's aggressive wars.

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  1. If Paula can be held to account for saying the "N" word two decades ago and lose her show and sponsors, why can't we lock Obama up in jail for his pot smoking during the same time period?