Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Zimmerman Family Suspects Obama Is Tapping Their Phones

In a media appearance Tuesday morning, the brother of the recently acquitted George Zimmerman said that he and his family have concerns that the Obama administration is tapping their communications, reports Infowars..

Appearing on Fox News, Robert Zimmerman said “We do have concerns and always have of having our phones tapped, having our phones listened to by the administration or whomever.”

“A lot of the things that we do are connecting in person—that’s how we’ve managed to stay hidden for so long. It’s kind of old school, but it works…We’re back to what we were doing in March of 2012, because it’s right in everybody’s mind right now.” he added, referring to staying safe in the wake of several threats and acts of violence related to last week’s “Not Guilty” decision.

(Via Drudge)


  1. Man I thought Obama loved hispanics. At least thats what the paleocons/Buchanites say

    1. The paleocons/Buchananites are quite wrong in this respect, if that's what they hold. Obama doesn't love Hispanics per se, just those he thinks he can use for his causes. The Zimmermans are now against Obama and thus will face Obama's wrath.