Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Are You Over-Paying Rent For the Area You Live In?

Or do you have a deal?

A new rent comps site has just been launched,

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  1. In my City rent has risen a couple/few hundred dollars in 2years. So to say its the average in my area is not right nor to be set as a standard for other greedy landlords to be seen as a example or standard of which they can measure how greedy they can be. How does 500 a month 3bdrm turn into 850month in 2years... Also 2bdrms were in the high 300's to a better upscale area for 400's fir a 2 bedroom now its say almost 6. Yet, my brother is making payments on his 3bdrm house with huge 2stall garage with loft and 2acres for $610 a month to own. Talk about greedy landlords and them setting standards for other greedster's is a shame