Monday, August 26, 2013

Bread & Circuses 2013

By, Chris Rossini

Harry Schultz once said, that with sound money (my emphasis):
People were more honest, moral, decent, kind, because the system was honest and moral. Today we have cause and effect of the opposite standard: no limits on what governments can do, control, dictate; no limit on government debt, welfare or socialist schemes. There is no governor on the government. This habit rubbed off on the public, causing them to go into debt, lose respect for the system and morality. The effect brings more divorce, fraud, crime, illegitimate births, broken homes. When the money of any country loses its base/backing there is no standard for any behavior. Money sets a standard that spreads into every area of human activity.
As the empire contemplates yet another war, and its central bank on the brink of creating yet another economic depression, the bread & circuses match the story perfectly:

No worries though...the regime's Keynesian masterminds are all huddling up to debate whether or not the "inflation target" should be higher.

Judging by the depths that bad ideas have taken us to, sound money's return will be quite a spectacle to see.

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