Tuesday, August 6, 2013

BREAKING Kristin Davis, Libertarian Party Candidate for NYC Comptroller, Arrested By FBI Agents For Selling Prescription Drugs.



From the complaint on the victimless "crime":
 A cooperating witness (the “CW") was arrested in or about December 2012 , and has pled guilty in this district to narcotics conspiracy and distribution offenses. The CW is cooperating with the FBI and the Government in the hope of obtaining leniency with respect to sentencing in the CW’s case. The CW's information has proven accurate and reliable in the past, and has been corroborated by, among other things, surveillance, recordings and text messages. The CW has informed me, in substance and in part, of the following:
a. From in or about 2009, up to and including in or about Fall 2011, KRISTIN DAVIS, the defendant, purchased controlled substances, including ecstasy pills, Adderall pills, and Xanax pills, from the CW. DAVIS paid the CW hundreds of dollars for each purchase of such substances, which occurred approximately once a month or every other month. DAVIS told the CW that she purchased ecstasy and Adderall pills at least in part to provide them to others, explaining that she provided these drugs to others at house parties. Specifically, on a few occasions when DAVIS purchased controlled substances from the CW, DAVIS brought a list of what she intended to purchase, and told the CW that she intended to provide the controlled substances on the list to others . DAVIS also told the CW that DAVIS had received drugs from sellers other than the CW.
b. In or ­about Fall 2011, DAVIS asked the CW if the CW would accept Adderall in exchange for ecstasy. The CW agreed to this arrangement. From in or about Fall 2011, up to and including in or about Spring 2012, DAVIS provided a total of approximately 240 Adderall pills to the CW in exchange for approximately 120 ecstasy pills. DAVIS and.the CW exchanged drugs once a month.or every other month, and the CW charged DAVIS the price of the ecstasy that the CW provided to DAVIS, minus the value of the Adderall that DAVIS provided to the CW.
c. Thereafter, from in or about Spring 2012, up to and including in or about December 2012, DAVIS sold approximately 120 Adderall pills, 3_5-30 Xanax pills, 30-40 Ambien pills, and 30-60 Soma pills to the CW approximately once a month, in return for cash.
d. Prior to and during the time when DAVIS was trading drugs with or selling drugs to the CW, the CW told DAVIS that the CW was a drug dealer and was purchasing pills with the purpose of selling them to the CW’ s clients. DAVIS was also present on at least one occasion when the CW opened a safe that the CW maintained at the CW's residence, containing numerous prescription pills and other controlled substances, stored for resale.

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  1. Gee whiz, thanks a lot, Bob. This sure puts the LP in a favorable light.

    FYI to all those interested in the facts: Kristin Davis is the "self-proclaimed" NYC LP candidate for Comptroller. She is not the actual candidate. That would be Hesham Al-Meligy.

    I already pointed this out, but check with the LP party heads yourself if you need clarification on this fact.

    You aren't doing Libertarians any favors by perpetuating this, sir.

    Who's side are you on, anyway?


    Dave Narby