Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Drama: Yemen, Guantanamo Bay, Stamford, CT

FOX News reports:
The State Department on Tuesday ordered most embassy personnel out of Yemen and urged all U.S. citizens currently in that country to leave over the Al Qaeda threat that triggered the shutdown of 19 American diplomatic posts this week. 
The U.S. Air Force already has flown State Department personnel out of the capital of Sanaa as part of the broad evacuation effort.

An EPJ reader reports:
I commute to work in Stamford, CT. I take the Metro North almost daily. Today, in light of the "terrorist" threat I was greeted with the Stamford Police and other law enforcement at the top of the escalator leading from the track. They were checking for traces of explosive material. Some people were being singled out to go through a swab test[...]. My co-worker who arrives later than I do told me he was singled out for a quick swab and when he complained he was told he "better get used to it" and "this is for our protection."

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