Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Former Ron Paul Adviser Says Obama Should Tap Janet Yellen For Fed Chair

Talk about going over to the dark side.

Former Ron Paul aide, Bruce Bartlett, says President Barack Obama should nominate Janet Yellen to chair the Federal Reserve and the Senate should confirm her immediately.

"Janet is generally considered to be among the Fed's doves and I think there is still room for monetary stimulus," Bartlett told HuffPo.


  1. Perhaps it's not that they are going over to the dark side but, that they were there to begin with. Jesse Benton, Bruce Bartlett, who else? What were the affiliations of these folks prior to the insta-spotlight opportunity that was Ron Paul for these leeches?


  2. Or perhaps he wants what is best for his investments? (Speculation)

  3. You mean five years of ZIRP and a quadrupling of the balance sheet isn't enough for these morons? I'm speechless.