Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Is A Federal Agency Investigating (Stonewalling?) Reporter Investigations Into the Death of Michael Hastings?

Kimberly Dvorak of San Diego 6 Television is out with an update into her investigation of the mysterious death of journalist Michael Hastings.

Here's the clip:

Of note, she writes in an article accompanying the clip:
One puzzling aspect of the LAPD's objection to the release of the police report is the inference in the FOIA/CPRA response to San Diego 6 News that a federal investigation may be in progress, which only adds further questions as to what agency is investigating since the FBI said it is not investigating. 

She also writes, what she notes in the clip:

 To find-out who is investigating and why, this week Judicial Watch will serve additional FOIAs against the DOJ (AKA Eric Holders’ war on journalists), Department of Homeland Security’s HSI, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the National Security Agency (NSA), the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Secretary of the Department of Defense (DoD), and the Secretary of the Department of the Army (due to unchallenged threats made directly to Mr. Hastings).

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  1. And they think Snowden would ever want to come back here? So they could kill him too?

    These people are working against the people of this nation. They take pledges to US and the constitution and break our laws by murdering those more patriotic than them?

    Wow. Look at this country, people. Revolution cannot be far off.