Thursday, August 15, 2013

Robberies at David Koch's Building

NyPo has the story:
The world’s richest and most powerful apartment building, 740 Park Ave., has been rocked by a series of mysterious thefts of valuable jewelry, Page Six has exclusively learned.

The legendary building, which was Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ childhood home, boasts apartments worth as much as $60 million and residents including billionaires David Koch, Stephen Schwarzman, John Thain, cosmetics heir Ronald Lauder and designer Vera Wang.

According to police, more than $100,000 in jewelry, including wedding rings and watches, has been stolen in four separate incidents since May. There could be further stolen items that were never reported because the residents are so wealthy that many might not have even noticed some of their valuables went missing.

A source told us, “Residents are paranoid, at least four different apartments have been burglarized. Most of the victims didn’t realize when their items went missing. Many people have access, including service staff and workers. “

The NYPD — which would not reveal the identities of the victims — confirmed to The Post’s Natasha Velez that the first incident happened between May 30 and June 6, and the victims reported it on June 26. A watch was stolen from the sixth floor, which has residents including hedge-funder David Ganek, investment manager Thomas Strauss and wife Barbara, and money manager Ezra Merkin, who lost more than $2 billion with Bernie Madoff.

Between June 10 and June 16, a watch and earrings disappeared from the 14th floor, home to shipping heir Spyros Niarchos and billionaire Israel Englander. It was also reported June 26.

The third incident — the theft of jewelry including a bracelet and a pin from a third-floor apartment — happened between May 31 and June 19. Third-floor residents include June Dyson and Elizabeth Swig. The theft was reported July 16.

Then in a second sixth-floor heist, wedding bands and a watch were stolen between June 16 and July 4

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