Monday, August 26, 2013

The Day I Met Obama and Talked Guns With Him

In a review of John Lott's new book At the Brink: Will Obama Push Us Over the Edge? By John R, Lott, David Gordon writes:
One would expect a book by John Lott to say something informative about gun control, and our author does not disappoint us. It transpires that he met President Obama when both of them served on the law school faculty of the University of Chicago. “I first met him in 1996, shortly after my research on concealed handgun laws and crime had come to national attention. I introduced myself, and he responded, ‘Oh, you are the gun guy.’ ‘Yes, I guess so,‘ I answered. ‘I don’t believe that people should be able to own guns,’ Obama replied. I then suggested that it might be fun to have lunch and talk about that sometime. He simply grimaced and turned away, ending the conversation.”(pp.126-27)


  1. It would have been fun to ask Obama if he was against ALL people having guns or just citizens.

  2. Really not that shocking to be honest, by the time one is a teaching at a university one's political identity has been established. You dont expect liberal Obama to have a conversation of any kind with the conservative Lott do you?