Saturday, August 17, 2013

This Is All You Need To Know About Britain's Socialist Healthcare

Economist reports:
RIGHT after 8.30am is a busy time for the ill in Britain. Many medical surgeries do not allow patients to pre-book appointments with their doctors: people must call up in the morning to book an appointment later in the afternoon. Come opening time, the phone lines are jammed with hacking, spluttering sick people trying to beg an audience with their doctor.


  1. The Economist is correct. Getting to see your doctor here is a matter of hitting redial from the moment the lines are open at the surgery.

    The propaganda being strong ("the NHS is the envy of the world" is what we're told), people actually go along with it, as if there's no other way.

  2. I'm from the UK. Haven't seen a doctor myself in years.

    Pete is right, people just lap up the propaganda. It's like they can't conceive of healthcare being anything but government provided, despite how abysmal it all is.

    So much for 'who will build the roads?'. Here it's 'but who will provide the empty gesture of free healthcare?'