Friday, August 30, 2013

Times Square Protesters Against US Attack on Syria

From Luke Rudkowski:

This sounds like mostly a lefty crowd, mixed with some Syrians. It appears Obama is losing part of his lefty base.


  1. The illusion of recovery from the "evil capitalist", "We've tried this before" Bush policies (Really a corporatist fiscal policy together with a Keynesian monetary policy) will likely crumble before 2016, and Obama needs to pretend like he's more Right Wing than he is so that others can blame the free market (again) when it happens.

    Note this gem from Obama's buddy:

    Bill Ayers: Try Obama for War Crimes

    Yeah, right. I'm not buying that this is Ayers' view, for a second.

  2. Luke spent a lot of time talking to the Syrian girl (Not that I blame him!)

  3. The United States is full of shit. Another bullshit story. California needs fucking money for its high speed rail. ( This is a real story ) Washington D.C. should go into the movie business. The president is a dreamer! Sept 2013