Saturday, August 10, 2013

Truth WaPo Style

David Weigel tweets:

For the record, I put up my post on Nosegate on Thursday August 8 at 11:28 AM EDT. The WaPo audio post did not go up until August 8 2013 at 2:58 PM EDT, four and a half hours later.

I suppose it is possible that WaPo received the audio directly from the recorder Dennis Fusaro after they learned of the recording, but they likely became aware of the audio because of the EPJ posting.

The EPJ posting received huge coverage and everyone else was decent enough in their coverage to credit EPJ.

From the Huffington Post , POLITICO, USA Today, MSNBC, CBS News, ABC News, NPR, Slate, Salon,The Financial Times, The New York Times to The Weekly Standard, NewsMax, FOX News and National Review, they all credited EPJ. On television, both Rachael Madow and Jack Tapper at CNN credited EPJ. AP contacted me about the story at 2:20 PM EDT.

WaPo seems to have stood alone in claiming the breaking of the story, four and a half hours after it appeared at EPJ.


  1. Ah, but you'd recently run a piece about WaPo's private equity like moves in its purchase of Forney.

    What will they rename the paperless WaPo? I suggest The Blackhole Group, RiverFoam Partners, or Carlylestone Alternative Asset Management.

  2. Just be glad the message got out. If Obama wants to take credit for getting millions to buy guns, if Ben Bernanke want to take credit for millions of people discovering Von Mises... I say let them. I am after the results, not who gets credit for it.

  3. They also claimed in the editorial announcing the sale of the paper that they broke the pentagon papers story when they were days behind the my times.