Thursday, September 26, 2013

$50,000 of Adam Kokesh Defense Funds Not Properly Accounted For

The Daily Paul reports:
Adam's business associates have allegedly robbed Adam's business/legal defense/ and personal accounts to the tune of $50,000.00, while Adam continues to languish in a federal jail cell.
However the story gets even more bizarre with the inclusion of an undercover federal agent, gang members, contract fraud, etc.
In a statement Shield Mutual notes:
Shield Mutual is ending its relationship with Adam Kokesh for the following reasons. (We do not normally issue a statement for such a routine matter, but this is a special case.)

(1) Failure to Renew
Adam’s membership expired more than 6 weeks ago. I wrote Adam three weeks ago about this (1). In response, I received a poor-quality audio recording more than two weeks ago from Adam via Jeffrey Phillips (his current business manager) in which Adam said that he wished to renew his Shield Mutual membership. He directed Jeffrey to make payment. (1) I have not received payment. More than a week ago, I raised the issue with Adam’s father, Charles Kokesh, when he contacted me but, likewise, have not received payment. Shield Mutual membership is inexpensive, but we don’t work for free.[...]

Adam’s father claims that the checks were made out in Young’s name. Young seems to have confirmed that he took receipt of the funds in his personal bank account. But I have no documentation either way.

I queried Del Cano, who was in charge of AVTM Adam Kokesh legal defense and business operations fundraising during the time in question, about how much she had raised total for legal defense and operations. She replied, “Why would I answer that question?” Yealey responded to the same question with this: “You know it is out of line to ask that question.”

I asked Yealey why, in early August, he directed the public to donate to AVTM business operations separately from the AVTM invest page and apparently directly to his domestic partner Del Cano. He chose not to respond to my question.[...]

Why have Del Cano, Young, Yealey and/or Phillips, possibly under Adam Kokesh’s direction, represented to the liberty community and AVTM fans that they need $50,000 to pay lawyers? Adam’s father confirmed to me on the phone that Bianchi is charging less than $12,500. The Washington, DC attorney, Peter Cooper, is not charging anything. In fact, they still claim, at the moment of publication, that they need $50,000 for lawyers.
The below quote is from the AVTM Invest page at

A NOTE ON FUNDRAISING: Adam has obtained counsel for both cases and needs to raise $50k or more to hire an appropriate lawyer. He has chosen to direct all fundraising endeavors to this page. If you have any questions about your donation, please contact We thank you immensely for your support, and request that you donate all that you responsibly can to the cause.

More from Shield Mutual:
I have a first-hand report that Del Cano and Yealey continue to claim that they are working for Adam and/or AVTM. This contradicts what Phillips and Adam’s father told me several weeks ago. Even more alarming is that they are working on a Kickstarter project to raise more funds from fans, supporters and allies of Adam Kokesh in the name of Adam Kokesh. Are they actually working on Adam’s behalf? Can they be trusted to use donors’ funds appropriately? The source for this information requested public anonymity.

(ht Travis Holte)


  1. Can the Mutual Shield people contact Adam, himself? If not, would they be able to send a message to Adam via his lawyers?

  2. I am exchanging mail with Adam and have received a voicemail.

    1. George. Thank you for being more than transparent and helpfull even when not being paid to do so. Its nice to see there are still honest hard working people still helping Adam.

    2. George- let him know we are worried, supportive and praying. It is pure BULL$HIT that he is in jail.

    3. George, why is the latest youtube statement from Adam stating that Lucas Jewell has refused to restore the AVTM facebook page to the Jeffery Phillips?