Friday, September 27, 2013

An Update from Adam Kokesh's Girlfriend on Kokesh's Prison Conditions

Adam Kokesh's girlfriend Carey reports via a podcast that she has spoken to Adam  and that over the last 2 months he has been transferred 15 times within the prisonsystem.

She also states that his current cell has cockroaches and at first didn't have a mattress for his bed. She reports that although he has requested to make calls to his lawyer, he has not been allowed any legal calls for the last two weeks.

He has also been warned about having too many books in his cell and he has not been allowed to cut his beard.


  1. In the Gulag, they would throw people in tiny, closet-sized cells filled with thousands of bedbugs. Usually the person would fight the bus desperately, smashing them against his/her body, and smashing his/her body against the walls to kill the bugs.

    Eventually, they all wouldjust give up and let the bedbugs drink their blood.

    I honestly believe I could last against most forms of physical torture longer than I could against any sort of bug-torture.

  2. Yeah, saw this video. It's like a week (or 2?) old. Though it's interesting that she mentioned that he's not able to make legal phone calls. What would be the explanation for that? And, if not legal, then is he able to contact his people at AVTM?

    I can see Adam ordering them to use the money for production, but not having full access to his personal account, leaving him high and dry while in jail. This time around is not like Philly; it's more serious. Not to make Adam innocent or guilty in all this, but does he even know what is currently going on?

    Other questions come to mind: If Mr. Jewel was given the trust to be manager of AVTM over the other 3 mentioned people, would this show that Adam really didn't trust the other 3? Why give your personal account to people, who you just have to know are shady, instead of the girlfriend and/or father? But, I guess that's coming from one perspective if Adam is not guilty but maybe made bad decisions on the company he keeps.

    I think a lesson here is that young men like to fight and old men need to be there for counsel. Unfortunately, while young men and women are doing the dirty work, rightly so, most of the old men either want to blog or do radio/ITV shows or predict the obvious, rightly so, leaving the young people without real counsel. I think that any organization that does something like this ought to have a chairman or somebody wiser and experienced - and trusted - to oversee operations.

  3. Cockroaches are gross but bedbugs are much worse. You can't sleep. Paranoia sets in. The bites form huge itchy welts that can last for days. They're vicious.

  4. I guess he gets the chance to test Henry David Thoreau's theories?
    Especially the part about: if society is unjust, the only just place for a just man, is in jail.

    Also, there's a whole lotta people who wish they could get into the position he is in. I.E. free meals and a roof over their head. ...Bedbugs are a minor inconvenience, maybe?
    And TB is just run of the mill.

    ...Which gets me to thinking, how much of a factor are prisons in spreading and maintaining the life-cycle of serious disease?

    Seems to me, prisons are disease breading petri dishes that need to be abolished for the good of humanity.

    But they won't be, because the people who rule us, have no intention of improving the conditions of us all.


    - IndividualAudienceMember