Saturday, September 7, 2013

As The World Turns

By, Chris Rossini

Below you'll find snapshots of how major markets around the world ended the week.

U.S. - Dow Jones Industrial Average +.76%

China - Shanghai Composite Index +1.98%

Japan - Nikkei +3.52%

UK - FTSE +2.10%

Germany - DAX Composite +2.13%

Spain - Madrid General Index +4.38%

Brazil - Bovespa Stock Index +7.48%

Israel - Tel Aviv 25 Index +.11%

Switzerland - Swiss Market Index +2.64%

Gold -.37%

Silver +1.44%

Crude Oil +2.37%

U.S. Dollar Index +.68%

Euro -.27%

U.S. 30YR T-Bond Yield +5.36%

Bitcoin Price = 123.9

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  1. Sectors trading higher this week included

    Solar, TAN, 9.2 (a new rally high)

    Inverse Volatility, XIV, 5.5

    Networking, IGN, 4.7

    Biotechnology, IBB, 4.0 (a new rally high)

    Internet Retail, FDN, 3.7 (a new rally high)

    Automobiles, CARZ, 3.6

    Casinos and Resorts, BJK, 3.5 (a new rally high)

    Semiconductors, SMH, 3.4

    Design Build, FLM, 3.3

    S&P High Beta, SPHB, 3.2

    Stock Brokers, IAI, 3.1

    Eurozone Financials, EUFN, 3.0

    Glolbal Consumer Discretionary, RXI, 2.9

    Life Insurance Companies, a proxy for life insurance companies, GNW, 2.8

    Media, PBS, 2.6

    Energy Production, XOP, 2.5

    Transportation, XTN, 2.4

    Too Big To Fail Banks, RWW, 2.3

    Small Cap Pure Industrials, PSCI, 2.2

    Small Cap Value, RZV, 2.1

    IPOs, FPX, 2.0, (a new rally high)

    Small Cap Pure Value, RZV, 2.0. It is Regional Airlines, Business Services, Personnel Servicees, and Business Software and Sevices, that have been leading the Small Cap Valus Stocks lower over the last month.

    Countries trading higher this week included

    Nikkei, NKY, 3.4

    US Stocks, VTI, 1.6

    Sweden, EWD, 3.5

    Eurozone, EZU, 2.6

    Europe, VGK, 2.6

    Norway, NORW, 2.5

    Asia Excluding Japan, EPP, 4.1, a new rally high

    Thailand, THD, 6.7

    South Korea, EWY, 5.5, a new rally high

    Australia, EWA, 4.3, a new rally high

    Taiwan,EWT, 3.8

    The Philippines EPHE, 3.4

    The BRICS, EEB, 6.1

    Brazil, EWZ, 6.8

    Russia, RSX, 5.4

    India, INP, 6.5

    China, YAO, 4.8, a new rally high. In the last month, SHG, and CHIX, have been leading CHII, ECNS, and TAO higher, as is seen in their ongoing Yahoo Finance chart.

    Chile, ECH, 7.1

    Poland, EPOL, traded 4.8 lower this week.