Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Tape That Made ‘New York Times’ Editors Sick.

The raw video was so grisly, and so barbaric, that the New York Times staffers who watched and edited it for online publication were made “physically ill,” according to the newspaper’s spokeswoman, Daily Beast reports.

The scene of Syrian rebels standing over seven soldiers of the Syrian regular army while the rebel commander recited a bloodthirsty poem—and pointing rifles and a pistol at the heads of their prostrate, shirtless, and badly beaten prisoners—was shocking enough. Times video editors tactfully blackened the screen as the rebels—who, just like the United States government, oppose the regime of dictator Bashar al-Assad—began to execute the soldiers; the only indication of the slaughter taking place was a noisy fusillade of 10 seconds in length. Then an image flashed of the broken bodies in a mass grave.

NYT video here.

US bombing will benefit these rebels.


  1. McCain's friends, very, very moderate--one would hate to see what the real Islamist "radical" pigs would do here, perhaps use shovels to bash their prisoners brains out to save their bullets until the McCain/Obama train arrives with reinforcements? Not one damn American dollar or piece of ordinance should be used to support these disgusting animals. Anyone who supports this should be tried for dealing with the enemy and treason. No matter who they think they are.

  2. I can't watch it. Reading about the rebels beheading the Catholic priest made me ill

  3. I've sent the link about the beheading to my Christian friends, exposing the evil of supporting these rebels. Assad is no saint, but the rebels are worse.


  4. This is Libya last year, not Syria. But the concept is the same.