Friday, September 13, 2013

Here's Why You Think Price Inflation Is Much Higher Than What the Government Says

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, producer prices for finished goods moved up just 1.4 percent for the 12 months ended in August, the smallest advance since a 0.5-percent rise in April 2013. But that is based on an average of all sorts of things. If you spend money on food and gasoline, your experience is likely much different. Many prices are going up slowly, but other prices are skyrocketting.

According to the BLS release, over the past 12 months, at the producer level:

Fresh and dry vegetables are up 47.1%.

The price of chickens is up 6.2%

Residential gasoline is up 7.7%

Soaps and detergents are up 6.6%

Footwear is up 4.9%

Processed eggs are up 10.3%.

Milk is up 6.7%

So if you don't eat, wear shoes or wash, there is hardly any price inflation.


  1. Taxes have also gone up for the middle class.

    However, the quality of the service provided by the Govt has increased so much that the rising taxes have contributed to a hedonistically adjusted fall in the net cost of living.

  2. "So if you don't eat, drive, wear shoes or wash, there is hardly any price inflation."

    Whssseeeew, SAFE!!!

  3. So is this how much our money has been devalued against these commodities in this time frame?

  4. Also, here is a new article from CNS News about how the price of electricity has risen 42% in the past ten years: