Friday, September 13, 2013

Ron Paul Speech at Fatima Center Conference Interrupted By Standing Ovations

The Remnant Newspaper is reporting on Ron Paul's speech:
Despite a Southern Poverty Law Center attempt to derail the Fatima Center's "Path to Peace Conference" in Niagara Falls this week, the event went off without a hitch, and, in fact, attendance numbers exceeded the organizers' expectations.

During the run-up to the Conference last week, liberal newspapers and blogs, relying on a SPLC attack piece against the Fatima Center, initiated an all-out media blitz intended to dissuade the Conference's keynote speaker, Ron Paul, from attending the event. When Paul gave no indication of backing out, however, the media rhetoric began to border on the hysterical, with some reports even going so far as to accuse the former congressman himself of being an anti-Semite[...]Dr. Paul proceeded to attend the Conference as planned, and in fact brought down the house on Wednesday evening with a powerful, hour-long speech that evoked frequent applause and was interrupted by several standing ovations.

"Jesus is the Prince of Peace," Paul reminded his audience, and together we must all "stand for peace," even with those who don’t share our religion or "agree with us on every issue."[...]
The newspaper went on to report that not a single member of the "outraged" liberal press showed up to hear and report on what Dr. Paul actually had to say.

Note The Remnant promises more on Dr. Paul's speech in its next issue.

UPDATE from Lew Rockwell:
One of the highpoints for Ron was his talk with the Catholic archbishop of Antioch, who had been a priest in the US for 20 years, and who is a genuine expert on the horrific, neocon-promoted events in Syria. Ron also noted what a sweet, gentle, and loving crowd it was, the opposite of what the neocons claimed. But then, they are virtually always opposite to the truth.
Ron had noted that it not easy to take part in a gathering where the other speakers advocate evil, but nevertheless he had decided to participate in the Republican presidential debates.


  1. The Southern Poverty Law Center did not attempt to derail the conference. They claimed the speakers were anti-Semitic and then backed up that claim. They then characterized the conference as an anti-Semitic conference.

    The media did not rely on SPLC characterization any more than someone drenched from rain relies on the weatherman to tell them it's raining. The participant's words speak for themselves. The only way you can conclude these people are not anti-Semites is if you adopt an unusual definition of anti-Semite.

    So far as showing up to report on what was said at the conference, it's not necessary since the Fatima Center publishes those speeches on their youtube channel. Go listen to the speeches. One speaker claimed "apostate" Jews and Israel plan to slaughter the human race. That speaker also got a standing ovation, just like Ron Paul.

    1. I believe Jerry is a member of the splc hate group. One of my fav things they have done is constantly talk about violence and terrorism from militia types while praising and distributing the work of an admitted domestic terrorist William ayers to any public school who would accept them. Not to mention the gay guy who shot up the family research council admitted he got his hate speech and target from the splc hate groups website

    2. Guilt by association i suppose?

      "Go listen to the speeches. One speaker claimed "apostate" Jews and Israel plan to slaughter the human race."

      So by your logic, if there are a few bad apples in the crowd that Ron Paul is trying to spread HIS message to...key word here: "HIS" message to, then he becomes one of them?

      Your argument is weak and stale and has been rehashed literally thousands of times by your precious Mainstream Media. Did you actually listen to this speech? Can you send me a quote of him saying something "anti-semitic? In fact, can you send me a quote of ANYTHING he has ever said that is anti-semitic? And don't give me the newsletter B.S, that is debunked and as old as the tactics you are using here. I want to hear a recording, the words from his mouth saying something racist or anti-semitic. I'll be waiting.

      Furthermore, Ron Paul has had many Jewish campaign staffers throughout the years. There are Jewish people that have married into his family, some of his biggest hero's and mentor's are Jewish economists and philosophers (Rothbard, Hayak) If you were being intellectually honest, had a healthy level of discernment and did your own research you would know all of this already. Have a bad day.

    3. O RLY? Which speech was that and what was the context? As someone who is Catholic and has been following all the Fatima Conferences for teh past few years, there is nothing at all anti-semitic about them. The SPLC is lying, distorting the facts and never backed up any of their claims even when called out on it.

      You, like the SPLC, a thoroughly discredited and laughable source, only display your ignorance and utter hilarity by trying to accuse a conference run by a Catholic group centered around and named after an event that had to do with Mary, the mother of Christ, who last time I checked was a Jewish Semetic woman.

      The only people with a funny definition of anti-semitism are people like you who try to accuse any Christian who believes the Jews should convert to Christianity as being somehow anti-semitic, even though this is a theological doctrine that applies to Muslims, Hindus, athiests etc. that has nothing whatsoever to do with anyone's ethnicity!

      Just because people don't worship the State of Israel and push for war on theri behalf and call them out for political reasons doesn't make them anti-semites. I encourage anyone to look up the Fatima Conference videos from the past few years and see for themselves that Mr. Wolfgang and the SPLC are full of it.

      If anything, the conference topics are all focused on criticizing issues within the Catholic Church, and also center around Europe, North America and Russia. Israel is never metioned except when making references from the Bible or in lieu with current events that have to do with impending war. There is even a Hollywood movie about the Miracle of Fatima and several documentaries you can find on Youtube.

    4. Anon 7:57,

      Hayek was not Jewish, and in fact there are some who have claimed that he was an anti-semite (he wasn't). Mises was Jewish, though. Also remember that Walter Block is good friends with Ron Paul, and Block is Jewish.

      In any case, you are correct that Ron Paul is concerned with spreading his message regardless of who the audience is. That obviously makes sense because if you want to change people minds then it doesn't make much sense to speak only to those who already agree with you and hold your views.

    5. Keynes was openly anti Semitic though and a hero to the left and splc

    6. Hey jackass, middle east Arabs are Semites also! Several hundred million of them to be exact, so is Dr. Ron Paul and Arab hater too? You morons and those like you love to throw the anti-Semite card around like Al Sharpton throws around the You're a racist card! You and dummies like might as well change your game plan because too many people have wised up to the bogus anti-Semite card

    7. Keynes also was a big believer in Eugenics; he hated the unwashed masses. Funny the paid troll Jerry Wolfgang never mentions that.

    8. Jerry, Jerry, Jerry,

      There isn't a big enough miracle at Fatima to pray away Jamie Kirchick's three chins.

  2. The Southern poverty law center is a completely untruthful group. They themselves are complete anti-semites. The term anti-semite is a misnomer taken out of context and distorted. A Jewish person who dislikes Palestinians could accurately be called an anti-semite..

    The SLPC hates the idea of small responsible govt. They will continue to push for bigger bloated govt because it serves their interests to do so. They despise Dr. Ron Paul and the Constitution. THE SLPC IS A DOMESTIC ENEMY TO AMERICA.

  3. A Jewish definition of "anti-semitism" is: attributing to Jews more evil/mischief/behind the scenes manipulation than is justified. By this definition, Ron Paul is certainly not an "anti-semite." But the Fatima organization has occasionally crossed the line.

    The desire to convert Jews to Christianity is not "anti-semitic." In fact, it can be a compliment if not accompanied by slander and violence. Nor is it "anti-semitic" to point out that many prominent neo-cons have been Jewish and that Fed chairmen, going back half a century, have nearly all been Jewish. Nor is it "anti-semitic" to criticize Israeli domestic and foreign policy. The prejudice and hostility (the "anti-semitism") arises when, without evidence, people, personally or through the organizations to which they belong, begin attributing nefarious motives to Jews as a group (or do the same to members of any group)

    As for Holocaust denial, it's one thing to raise honest questions that contradict the dominant view of any historical event. It's another thing to raise questions about an event for the purpose of spuriously questioning the honesty of and unnecessarily casting negative aspersions on a particular group of people. If I were to say that I don't believe there were nearly as many slaves on Southern plantations as we've been led to believe and if I were to question whether or not slavery, in the colonies and, later, the States existed at all, people would justly want to know why I was raising the issue and engaging in "slavery denial."

    I'm Jewish and was raised in a heavily Roman Catholic community, pre-Medjugorje, where the revelations to the shepherd children of Fatima were knit firmly into the fabric of the Church's theology. Fortunately, the Church and the community felt no need to portray, in a bad light, those of us who were Jewish. The Church liturgy still prayed for the "perfidious Jews" on Good Friday until Vatican II put a stop to that reference, without protest on the part of the local Roman Catholic clergy and community.

    Leaders of organizations of any type would be wise to be circumspect in their public statements, the better to avoid the dust up occasioned by Ron Paul's appearance at the Fatima Peace Conference. In the Jewish lexicon, "apostate Jews" are Jews who've been baptized, have joined the Church and who confess the faith of Christ crucified, the "Son of the Father" who "will judge the quick and the dead and whose kingdom will have no end." If the Fatimists mean something else when they refer to "apostate Jews" (e.g. troublemaking Jews whose very nature is to undermine the societies in which they operate as internecine agents of Satan), Ron Paul, without help from the SPLC, is going to be tarred with that brush regardless of the fact that he, personally, may have no truck with "anti-semites."

    1. Being familiar with those in the Fatima Center and reading their literature for a long time now I can say with full conviction that the views they hold are fully in conformity with the Catholic Church's official stance on the Jews.
      -No unjustified hostility must be shown to Jews or those of other religions.
      -Catholics are commanded by Christ to spread the Gospel and convert all men and women to the Catholic Faith so that they might be saved and be brought in union with God. Conversions can only occur as an act of free will.
      -The State of Israel has a right to exist and defend itself justly; just as any other nation also has the right to safeguard itself and its people.
      -The Catholic Church has fought against and condemned Nazism and been instrumental in aiding the Jews in escaping and bringing them to safety under the courageous actions of its members and Pope Pius XII, and alongside the Jews, Catholics and Catholic Priests too suffered at the hands of Nazis and were incarcerated alongside them in the various camps. The Church and Inquisition has also been instrumental in aiding the allies during the war.
      - 'Apostate' Jews is to be understood in the same context as 'Apostate' Catholics. Those whose religious upbringing/ethnic backgrounds are either Jewish or Catholic, but who reject or behave in contradictory defiance to the morals and teachings of their religion.
      - The Fatima Center is involved in making known the historical events of Fatima, Portugal, where the Virgin Mother of God appeared to 3 children to warn the world about the Hell and communism and predicted the second world war and warned about another great war which would take place if the errors of Russian Communism were allowed to spread throughout the world. A period of peace would be granted is the Pope and the worlds Catholic Bishops would consecrate the nation of Russia to her Immaculate Heart in reparation for its many sins and errors. If this is not done, then God will allow the world to tear itself apart through the most terrible war the world has ever witnessed. The Pope and bishops have yet to fulfill this command of God, instead choosing to engage in political correctness and perform world consecrations without ever mentioning Russia.

      The issues around the Consecration of Russia and the 3rd Secret of Fatima and its prophetic warnings are the subject and main topic of the Fatima Center's work. Any discussions of Biblical or modern Judaism or references to the modern state of Israel are only within the parameters of this topic with concern to impending global war and the inaction of Church leaders who worship political correctness rather than truth.

      If anything, the Fatima Center Conferences are more critical of their own religious members and the popes than they are anything to do with Judaism. They are more critical of North America, the Eu and Russia than they are with Israel.

      The claims of the SPLC and others that the Fatima center engages in legitimate anti-semitism is entirely bogus. I'd dearly like to know where anyone in the Fatima Center has 'crossed any lines' outside of what the Catholic Religion teaches. The present conference also has a video by Michael Matt entitled 'Will there son be martyrs' where he takes time to discuss the fradulent accusations of the SPLC against him and the Fatima Center. In fact the SPLC tarnished the Fatima center as the 'Largest gathering of anti-semites in the world.' So according to the SPLC, all faithful and Traditional Catholics who have no opinion, or who even support Israel that attend this conference whose main topics are Russia, Portugal, America and the Catholic Church are anti-semites. The SPLC is simply anti-Catholic and entirely ignorant of Catholicism.

  4. Ironically, despite its years of self-promotion as a "civil rights" organization, NOT ONE of the SPLC's top executives is a minority.

    In fact, despite being located LITERALLY in the back yard of Dr. King's own Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, the SPLC has NEVER hired a person of color to a highly paid position of authority in its entire 42-year history.

    Even the Center's laughably named "Teaching Tolerance" wing, which purports to promote diversity in the K-12 classroom, has been led by "whites only" for 21 of its 22 years. The only African American allowed to hold the reigns only did so on an interim basis for a few months until her white successor could be hired.

    Some "experts"

    1. The teaching tolerance stuff featured a glowing sycophantic review with admitted domestic terrorist and bomber William ayers!

  5. Someone should inform Jerry that Jews are not Semitic people.

    They are mostly Ashkenazi's from southern Russia, who made up the bulk of the Soviets during the purges that murder 60 million Christians Jews and thousands of allied POW's.

    These are facts, unlike poor Jerry zionist propaganda.

    DNA studies performed by Jewish researchers confirmed this. Wake up to the big hoax Jerry.

    Their is no one more anti-Semitic then the leaders of Israel who have murder thousands of Semite people while stealing their property.

    These psychopath, with their secret society helpers, have infiltrated all western governments and are trying to start WWIII in Syria & Iran based on lies, and recently by kidnapping and murdering children in Syria to promote their chemical weapon false flag hoax to push the public into supporting such a war.

    Time to Wake up or their won't be much of it left.

  6. I don't think anyone who has ever been to a productive seminar has ever regretted going. Whether these seminars are held online or take place in a physical location, an interesting opportunity is presented.

    Attendees can either choose to fully participate and thus enrich the whole group, or they can only put themselves partially into whatever is being discussed. The event at the Fatima Center was attended by people who were really interested in participating. It's likely that participants therefore would not cause distractions.