Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hillary Clinton to Host Fundraiser for NYC Mayoral Candidate deBlasio

Hillary Clinton will host a fund-raiser for Democratic mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio next month, according to a release from the de Blasio campaign, writes Capital New York.

De Blasio managed Clinton's 2000 Senate race, after working for the Department of Housing and Urban Development during Bill Clinton's administration.

Meanwhile, deBlasio was on the campaign trail trying to explain his time in Nicaragua, where he worked in support of the socialist Sandinista government:
A lot of us in this country believe that the United States policies towards Central America in the 1980s were wrong.By the way, the organization I worked with was founded by Jesuits. As you may know, a lot of the work being done on the ground to help needy people in Central America was done by leaders in the Catholic Church, it was done by nuns. And the sense of injustice that was so obvious in terms of United States policies supporting regimes that were in many cases very unfair to their own people. That’s why I got involved because I thought our policies were wrong.
I think it was the right thing to do. I am very proud of that work. 
For more on deBlasio interventionist thinking and how he is likely to apply it to NYC, see here.


  1. Well, I'll grant you that he's a Commie, but that's his right. I share your discomfort with him having governmental powers to enforce that philosophy, though.
    As for Nicaragua, I share his dislike for that foreign policy and he WAS there as a private citizen, and at least wasn't SHOOTING people (I presume).

  2. Rats run in packs...