Monday, September 2, 2013

Hillary Mann Leverett is My New Hero

Watch this:

From the American University:

Prof. Leverett brings 25 years of practical experience in U.S. foreign policy, area studies and conflict resolution to her courses. She served in U.S. embassies across the Middle East, at the United Nations, on the State Department’s Policy Planning Staff, and on the National Security Council Staff. From 2001-2003, she was one of a handful of U.S. diplomats authorized to negotiate with Iranian officials over Afghanistan and al-Qa’ida. She has taught at Yale and is a visiting scholar at Peking University’s School of International Studies. She has published extensively on the international relations, politics, and political economy of the Middle East and Persian Gulf, and on U.S. policy toward these critical regions. In her controversial new book, Going to Tehran: Why the United States Must Come to Terms with the Islamic Republic of Iran, she challenges Western stereotypes of contemporary Iran and argues that America needs to renounce 34 years of failed policy and pursue genuine rapprochement with the Islamic Republic—much like Richard Nixon revolutionized U.S. foreign policy by realigning relations with the People’s Republic of China in the early 1970s.


  1. She's also on the board at The Ron Paul Institute.

  2. wow. Just wow. Thoroughly impressed someone snuck through MSM cracks to ask the real questions. Amazing how the gentleman was saying Obama was reluctantly willing to go to war. He has loved war since he got in. I need to find out more about Hillary (the good one, not Clinton).

  3. As a supplement to David Gordon's point that the jihadists will control Assad's chemical weapons if they win the war:

    Washington must stop cooperating with Saudi Arabia and others to spread violent, al Qaeda-like Sunni extremism across the Middle East as part of an ill-conceived strategy for containing Iran. This strategy is currently on display in Syria, where, from the onset of unrest in 2011, the Obama administration has sought to use an opposition increasingly manned and supported by foreigners to overthrow the Assad government and damage Tehran’s position. The administration is now stepping up support for the opposition — saying explicitly this is intended to prevent Tehran and its allies from “winning” in Syria.

    Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett

    I generally find a brain dead reaction when I ask people why the US is supporting the jihadists in Syria. To stop Iran's nuclear program that does not exist?

    Why is the US supporting the jihadists in Syria?

  4. That was a great video. BTW they made Reggie Bush give back his Heisman, any chance Obama could be stripped of his Noble Peace prize?

  5. The expressions were priceless. Hillary's sneer of disgust compared with the others' snooty tsk tsk tsk. And this silly "Up" show on MSNBC is supposed to be their hard left show.

  6. Josh Rogin from Newsweek is a creep. Missals and bombs are "mild punishment". Talk about disconnected.

  7. It was like watching Bruce Lee take on 30 guys without breaking a sweat. Some serious kung-fu.

  8. Why are so many of these MSNBC and CNN hacks British? Are their accents really more effective for selling socialism and wars of aggression? Is it the "international feel" or what?

    Anyways it looks like the "special relationship" is alive and well. (I don't believe the down vote on Syria from the U.K in any way serves as evidence to the contrary, just politics as usual).

  9. Negotiate with Al Qaeda? It can't be done. Period. Want proof? Go look at the web site, they list all 21,537 acts of terrorism committed by radical Islamists worldwide since 9/11. Their "holy" book (lol) teaches them to kill all infidels and they all want Sharia Law which says unless a woman has 4 witnesses to a rape then it did not occur. Ho ask Laura Logan of CBS if anyone came to her aid when she was assaulted in Libya, which btw she volunteered to go to to "get the story'.
    But don't worry, Obama has things under control. Along with the war in Afghanistan he's busy with David axelrod (what was he doing in the White House anyhoozle, helping Obama decide, (while rifling through playing cards of Al Qaeda chieftains) to decide who was going to be droned next... and laughing about it? looks like the Norwegians were a bit premature in giving him the Peace Prize as he managed to start 4 more wars - that's what it's called when you bomb another country, isn't it, in Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen. And now the Peace Prize recipient wants to make himself 20 million more enemies in Syria, I'm willing to wager dollars to doughnuts - chocolate, with sprinkles - that those Syrians will be joining in chorus along with the other 1 1/2 billion radical Muslims in reciting: "Obama, Obama, there are still 1 1/2 billion Usamas!".
    Obama is a genius the left loves to proclaim, he doesn't know there aren't 57 United States, doesn't know what a Navy Corpsman is or how to pronounce it, isn't aware that Austrian isn't a language, thinks Hawaii is in Asia, and can't produce a long-form birth certificate. And his proud base erroneously attributes the disparaging pejorative of "birther" to the Tea Party when in fact it was the Clintons who originally alerted the lamestream media to the fact that he is not a legal citizen of the United States. Yep, the Clintons are the original birthers. except, how to keep them from making an issue of it during the campaign in 2008? Simple: Tell Monica's boyfriends' cuckolded spouse that she can be the next Secretary of State, and my-my, won't that look good on her resume when she runs in 2016, EXCEPT, she has to be the fall guy for the murders of 4 American citizens in the Consulate in Libya, but then, "what difference does it make"?