Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lawrence O'Donnell Steam Rolls Weiner: 'What Is Wrong With You?'

The big question is why did O'Donnell only do this to a beaten down politician. The same questions could be asked of Obama, Hillary, Romney and the whole bunch of them. O'Donenell wouldn't there.


  1. "question is why did O'Donnell only do this to a beaten down politician."

    Answer: Political theater to distract us from the world financial collapse and related criminal activities. Weiner has no hope of winning or even making a respectable [I use the word advisedly] showing. Any other rational human being would have disappeared into the woodwork by now. He is still in the race to provide distraction. Doubtless, he will be well compensated for his efforts.

    Think of him as the court jester, who must be careful lest he lose his head...

  2. That was pretty amusing. I can't stand O'Donnell or Weiner, so you really just have to sit back w /the popcorn on this one. O'Donnell just asked the question that should be posed to every career politician.

  3. Sexting is a lot less offensive than blowing away kids with drones, spying on the media, spying on the public with the NSA, and lying about all of the above as Obama has repeatedly done. Yet o donnel is a cheerleader for Obama doing all of the above. This is sort of a reverse of the lewinsky stuff where the liberal dema are focused on sex and not the real issues.

  4. Holy cow. This is why I despise O' Donnel with a passion. He's just a freaking idiot. But it was fun to watch him go after another bad guy.

    His question is exactly what needs to be asked of every politician, and every non libertarian who thinks it's okay to rule over other people via the state.