Tuesday, September 10, 2013

McConnell to Vote ‘No’

In remarks this morning on the floor, Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) will announce that he’s voting against on the Syria resolution. National Review has obtained the text of his remarks (see below). In the speech, McConnell says that even though he’s voting “no,” he’s not an isolationist.

“I have never been an isolationist,” McConnell will say, according to his prepared text. “And a vote against this resolution shouldn’t be confused by anyone as a turn in that direction. But just as the most committed isolationist could be convinced of the need for intervention under the right circumstances when confronted with a threat, so too do the internationalists among us believe that all interventions are not created equal. And this proposal just does not stand up.”

Translation: McConnell has a tough primary and general election ahead and can't be seen as going against the will of the people. From the speech:
Over the past several days, I’ve spoken with a lot of people, a lot of Kentuckians. And I have to tell you, most of them aren’t exactly clear about the mission themselves, or shy about saying so. What I’ve told them is that I understand their concerns. I share them. I also appreciate the war-weariness out there.
But his position will be back to bombs away after the elections. Also from the speech:
 And it’s time he face up to something else as well: international order is not maintained by some global police force; which only exists in a liberal fantasy. International order is maintained — its backbone — is American military might.

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  1. In a related story, McConnell has been signed to play the lead in the new daytime soap opera "As The Whore Turns"...