Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New iPhone Will Have Fingerprint Sensor

A fingerprint sensor is embedded in the home button of the new iPhone just announced by Apple. The sensor, Touch ID, will allow you to make iTunes purchases as well as unlock phone.

Apple says fingerprints are never backed up to iCloud. But does this mean it can't be read by hackers or the NSA? It appears to me it is a different question. Are you going to trust Apple on this?


  1. In other news, Apple has announced accessories for its new iPhone. Along with a retinal scanner and fingerprint sensor, the state of the art device will sport innovations that include a rectal thermometer, a body cavity search attachment, a brain scan sensor and a direct uplink to the new NSA storage facility with free lifetime unlimited storage...

    Sleep well my children.

  2. Not a chance. You can keep your fingerprint and retina scanning technology. Until these software manufactures break with the NSA, I'll be in the business of buying technology that helps protect my digital privacy, not exploit it.