Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nightmarecare: Serious Obamacare Testing Failures

I am continuing to learn of serious failures across the board when Obamacare exchange software is being tested for the October 1 launch.

There are problems with both individual exchanges and SHOP exchanges.

As I reported earlier today, federal exchanges will not be able to process SHOP applications electronically, when launched. It will all be done by paper. My sources tell me the entire SHOP part of Obamacare may collapse right out of the gate. The thinking is that insurance brokers will be so frustrated with the manual paperwork that they will push small businesses into non-SHOP programs.

Technicians on conference calls with HHS are being told to keep quiet about the problems with SHOP.

As far as overall testing, I am receiving reports that, when tested, insurance prices are coming back way out of whack. Most recently, prices for smokers 55 and older, when tested, came back with over the top pricing. And this is just at the application stage.

My sources tell me the problems get even more complex at the filing for coverage of an ailment, which won't, of course, kick in until next year. Obamacare, not surprisingly, is turning into Nightmarecare right out of the gate.

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