Monday, September 16, 2013

Not Good News For Ron Paul Inc: More Ethics Charges Against Kent Sorenson

New ethics charges have been filed against Iowa Senator Kent Sorenson , the Iowa Republican is reporting.

The new charges deal with Sorenson’s alleged negotiations with and payment from the Ron Paul 2012 presidential campaign.

The new round of charges are based on emails and phone conversations that were made public by Dennis Fusaro and first reported by Fusaro is the former executive director of the National Right to Work Committee.

“Senator Sorenson violated Senate Rule 6 by conspiring with the Ron Paul 2012 presidential campaign to solicit and conceal compensation for him and others and a political action committee totaling well in excess of $150,000,” Peter Waldron, who worked on the Bachmann presidential campaign, writes in his complaint.

“I respectfully encourage the Iowa Senate Ethics committee to investigate the alleged lies, obfuscations and denials made by the Senator from Milo,” Waldron writes. “His conduct alone casts a shadow over the Iowa Senate and the State of Iowa.  I have worked at the Iowa Straw Poll and at the Iowa Caucus for various candidates since 2000.  I have never seen a darker stain on the fine state of Iowa and her people than this one. The people of Iowa deserve better.”

As I have pointed out before, it is important to understand that there is a difference between Ron Paul Inc. and Ron Paul. Ron Paul is about principle. Ron Paul Inc consists of political operatives.


  1. I love Ron Paul but he suffered a serious lapse of judgement when he allowed crooks and liars to manage his campaign. If Ron had somehow won the presidency, does anyone think his bewilderment about the people around him would have resulted in anything short of disaster? His principles have never been in question but a president can quickly become mired in scandal by the doings of his aides and appointees.

    What I want to know is why the much more principled folks running the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, and the homeschooling curriculum, were not sought out to help with Ron's presidential campaign, or the Campaign for Liberty, which is also run by the crooks and liars.

    1. Hear, hear!

      Also, how often do we see attacks on others because of things their people do, saying there's no way [bad politician] could not know what was going on around him?

      I don't see why RP doesn't throw these people under the bus - if it's true they did this stuff without his knowing, they are treacherous and evil, and don't deserve any protections whatsoever.

      What good will it do if this sort of thing taints anything new he is doing, like the RP Channel?

    2. Your comment made me think of Warren Harding: a reasonable small government type who won a landslide election but spent his term dealing with one scandal after another from "friends" that had rode his coat-tails to Washington.