Friday, September 27, 2013

NYC Mayoral Candidate deBalsio: I Am Deeply Influenced by Liberation Theology

Today, on WNYC radio’s Brain Lehrer show, NYC front running mayoral candidate, Bill deBlasio, explained his philosophical underpinnings:
One part of me is a New Deal Democrat–just an updated version of it. One part of me is probably similar to a European Social Democrat, and I’m also very deeply influenced by liberation theology, which I learned a lot about in the years I worked on Latin America.[I am] a consistent progressive with a very strong activist worldview and someone who wants to make substantial change in this city.
Walter Block once stated that "the Jesuit Order had been hijacked by a bunch of Marxist 'liberation theologians,' who combine the non-atheistic parts of Marxism along with Catholicism."

And Lew Rockwell has pointed out about liberation theology
The socialists took a demonic ideology that calls for an end to property ownership and the family, and christened it with religious faith. So long as socialism was an atheistic creed, it didn’t make the advances it might have in Latin America. Once baptized, socialism gained new converts.

New Deal Democrat,  European Social Democrat and influenced by liberation theology. Yikes.


  1. I guess if Pope Francis lived in New York, he'd vote for De Blasio.

  2. No matter how they vote, the people of New York get what they deserve. The rest should just leave the city.

  3. Hey! Back off! "When it's important, you have to lie."

  4. Liberation theology, officially condemned by John Paul II and condemnation re├źnforced by Benedict XVI.
    Back in the day, Pope Pius XI famous stated that one cannot be a socialist and a Christian.

    If only Catholics paid attention to their own beliefs. But that's not really a topic for this blog.

  5. "New Deal Democrat, European Social Democrat and influenced by liberation theology"

    The City of New York is going to "Love" this guy.

  6. One interesting thing is while he was down in Latin America helping out the Sandanistas bill Clinton was covering up and stopping investigations into the contras bringing cocaine into Arkansas.