Saturday, September 7, 2013

On David Gordon at the Mises Academy

Kevin Killinger emails:
I would like to take a moment to thank you for encouraging your readers to take David Gordon's Mises Academy course on the Life of Rothbard.  I took that course along with you and Chris Rossini.  It was a great course and I became so 'hooked' on Dr. Gordon's teaching style that I have taken every single course that David has taught since then, and actually signed up for 2 additional courses that were pre-recorded.

David Gordon is super-sharp, very precise, and able to dissect every issue down to its core.  If it weren't so nationalistic sounding I would say that he is a national treasure.  Perhaps its more appropriate to describe him as a global treasure, but even now I see that phrase has its own unfortunate connotations.  Let me simply say that David Gordon is a treasure.

It is clear that David cares deeply that his students understand what he is teaching, including what sometimes seem to be excruciating subtleties.  He is always positive and has that patented sense of humor.  What a great guy.

When you said that you and David go down and have a meal together sometimes, I saw one of your commenters state that they would pay to see that conversation (on TV) by which he meant the internet (I'm pretty sure).

I must say, I too, would pay to watch that.  What a cool experience that must be to sit and chat with the mind and the man that is David Gordon.

BTW: David's next course,  History of Anarchist Thought, starts September 10. Details here.

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