Thursday, September 19, 2013

Rand Paul: Shutting the Government Down Is a Bad Idea

Rand says he is in favor of funding all of government except Obamacare.

Obamacare is very bad, but there is a lot more in government that is bad and doesn't need to be funded. Rand is not delivering anything close to a libertarian message.


  1. I have never trusted Rand Paul because his body language and his words were never in sync. He may aspire to be the second coming of Ronald Reagan, but he possesses none of the naturalness or affability of the former president. Rand is stiff, and is weighted down by an overwhelming sense of aloofness which will cripple his ardor for higher office.

    But the phrase I really want to stick on this apostate son of liberty is biblical, "A double minded man".

    James 1:8 A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

  2. A "double-minded man" describes all successful politicians and Rand wants to be successful. His father was an utter failure as a politician. The government grew larger and the government's respect for human rights has all but disappeared. The citizens continue to elect thieves and murderers. There is no hope for freedom going down that road and there may be none down Rand's road. But it is a different strategy and given the miserable track record of Ron's strategy anything different can't be worse.

    1. Rand wants to sate the desires of Zionist Christians and ignorant Republicans who desire a leader with a thin libertarian veneer. Rand's vision of capturing both of these groups of voters is wildly off base and will leave him with a foundation of sand upon which to build his personal empire. He is a clueless and empty vessel who will never win the approval of anywhere near the number of people who respected his father.

      Rand is a prostitute who will allow men with money and power to dictate what words his lips will service.

  3. He wants to be President. A libertarian cannot be President.

  4. "But it is a different strategy and given the miserable track record of Ron's strategy anything different can't be worse." - Brian Erickson

    I just want to make clear that Ron's strategy was only miserable in terms of political success. In terms of education, I think it was wildly successful within a mere 20 years.

  5. err, Rand is trying to get what he can to reduce the size of government by using negotiating rhetoric. It sounds like EPJ actually WANTS obamacare to be funded.

  6. "Shutting the Government Down Is a Bad Idea"

    Could not agree more!!! The only worse idea is to not shut it down...