Monday, September 30, 2013

Rand Paul Wants to Wreck the Government Shutdown

It's not much of a shutdown, especially with trained government killers still receiving checks, but Rand wants to ruin the small shutdown that appears very likely.

National Review reports:
Rand Paul Suggests Short-Term CR

Senator Rand Paul (R., Ky.) suggested that a path to a compromise between Senate and House might involve a short-term continuing resolution.

“The way to get a compromise would be maybe we do a clean CR for a week or two and we negotiate but we keep government open,” Paul told reporters tonight.

Some small government libertarian that Rand.


  1. Rand really hates it when the hand that moves his mouth finds it's blood money cut-off in any form or fashion. I mean my god, people might begin to suspect his thoughts are not his own.

  2. Meh, he's just another politician, that's all.

    These kind of statements are gold for him because, A) it won't happen, but B) it makes him seem more reasonable than either party

    He knows that the hard-core libertarian base is still pretty small, and so he's banking on the idea that most people still think you NEED a federal govt. to keep the world/country/everything together. Which most people, unfortunately, think.

    Anyway, we've already established he's no libertarian. Hell, he's not even a Libertarian.

  3. Rand Paul > g'mint shutdown

  4. Rand wants to defund obamacare.