Tuesday, October 1, 2013

MUST SEE Ron Paul Is Auctioning Off His 1979 Chevrolet Chevette That Sent Tip O'Neil Through the Roof

Ron Paul explains the great history of this car:

In 1979, when I was headed to DC for my first full term in Congress, I bought a car to keep there. It was a 1979 Chevrolet Chevette. But this compact 4-door soon proved to be controversial. Tip O’Neill, the powerful House speaker, was advocating gasoline rationing for the rest of us, while he was chauffeured around in a Lincoln, all at taxpayer expense. And no waiting in gasoline lines for him, nor paying for it: he had his own pump in the House garage.

So my little car—which I paid for myself, of course—was parked next to the Tip behemoth for a cheeky photo. Well, you would have thought I was Ed Snowden. There was a huge blow-up. Tip even levied the ultimate punishment: he blocked pork-barrel funds for me, which I was not seeking anyway.

So this little car has some history to it. Yet it has only 69,000 miles on it. It was repainted after my youngest daughter used it at college, and has been garaged for the last 10 years. But it starts and runs, and is as cute as when Tip wanted to bomb it.

And you can own it, and aid the cause of peace and prosperity at the same time. The person who makes the highest pledge of a tax-deductible donation to the FREE Foundation by October 15, 2013, and redeems it, will own this historic little vehicle. The proceeds will be used to fund the work of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity. That’s the one that outrages the neocons, so you know it is important.

We’ll have a nice turnover ceremony at the FREE office in Clute, Texas, that we’ll photograph, and I’ll also present you with a Congressional license plate that was actually used on the car.

So drive history forward, and make your pledge, mailing it to FREE, 837 W. Plantation, Clute, TX 77531 or email it to free1776@comcast.net or phone 979.265.3034


  1. Dr. Ron, Drive it to Washington and show them where to cut a little spending so they don't need to raise the deficit ceiling.

  2. One lime-green 1979 Chevette with whitewalls and 69,000 miles that helped make TRUE history!

    I wonder how many years ago Tip O'Niell's stinkin' Lincoln got crushed...

  3. Crap! I first read it as,"corvette." Alright, stop laughing. I can't believe it is still running. It was not a reliable car. With the live green color, I should head right to Mexico and fit right in. Maybe make it an everyday car with a big picture of Ron Paul on it with the caption, "Ron Paul is still RIGHT!!!"

  4. Dr. Paul should drive it back to Washington and park it in that same spot with a sign that says, "Why can't you guys take as good care of the country as I have of this car?"